The mission of Mound Street Yoga Center is to educate and empower people through the practices of yoga, Pilates and meditation. Students are encouraged to develop at their own pace through self-acceptance and a maturation of self-awareness. The individual is esteemed in the process through teaching that observes the body, mind and emotions as an intertwining of energy and structure.

Mound Street strives to maintain a safe, supportive and welcoming environment for all types of students. Weekly classes focus on experiential learning and developing a personal practice. Periodic workshops help students deepen into the practices and explore their creative potential. Special outreach events aim to enrich the lives of diverse populations.

Mound Street is dedicated to its diverse faculty and supports the individual approach each teacher brings to their work. Our integrity as a studio is a reflection of the integrity of our teachers. We encourage teachers to continuously explore the potential of these practices and how they are best communicated. Mound Street knows that teaching is a practice developed with patience, so we maintain a grounded commitment to our faculty members and their personal and professional growth.