Christine and mother-to-be

Steve demonstrates Warrior II


Nicky in extended lateral position.

Michele in Side Warrior

Penny in Vrksana One




Classes are generally open to everyone on a drop-in basis and are suitable for all ages, body types, and levels of fitness. Please advise your teacher if you have any significant physical conditions (glaucoma, injuries, pregnancy) that may require or benefit from alternate poses. Bring to class bare feet and an empty stomach. Most students wear shorts and a T-shirt or a leotard or footless tights. Avoid wearing jewelry, baggy clothes or perfume. Class fees range from $9 to $12; check with your instructor or see details below.

Hatha Yoga includes physical postures (asanas) that develop strength, suppleness, endurance; rhythmic control of the breath (pranayama); and meditation. It promotes physical and emotional health, and can relieve pain and stress.

B.K.S. Iyengar’s work has had a significant influence on most of the teaching at the Center. Iyengar is known for meticulous attention to alignment and integrity in dynamic practice of classical yoga poses, as well as for creative use of techniques and props (chairs, blankets, bolsters, ropes, blocks), to help each student find a good way to work with the poses. For more information about B.K.S. Iyengar’s work visit

Gift Certificates available for classes at the Mound Street Yoga Center. Call Mary at 608-238-1433 for more info. $15 each.

Class Descriptions:

Advanced High Energy Yoga: Firmly based in the Iyengar tradition, with alignment and integrity of the poses at its core. High Energy Yoga helps students learn to sense its profound effects on the energy flow of the body, to practice yoga in accordance with their own constitutional type, and to balance their bodies and their energy flow.   
Tim Baily in a handstand

General Yoga: Basic instruction in asanas (yoga postures). Focus on standing and seated poses, simple twists and introduction to shoulder stand and sitting meditation using breath awareness throughout.

Gentle Yoga: Based on hatha yoga postures, Penny’s class is a gentle, meditative approach to practice, designed to support and strengthen the physical body as well as cultivate our deep connection to self. In this class, we will practice a series of asanas that stretch, strengthen and relax the body and the mind. Our focus will be to build support for our lives from within through proper alignment, building core strength and the integration of breath with movement, moment to moment; learning to find that sense of ease and well-being within the postures. This class is open to beginners as well as experienced yogis who want a meditative, gentle practice which will cultivate self-awareness and inner peace. Penny is a poet who likes to explore imagery and poetry in guiding her classes.

High Energy Yoga: Transformational Work: This class focuses on integrity of movement, alignment, and proper action within the poses. Transformational work is performed which involves working with a partner and immediate sensory feedback to create isolated actions which stimulate core strength and energetic balance within the body.  

Level 1: Introduction and refinement of basic poses and techniques. Open to those new to Yoga.

Prenatal Yoga: This is a gentle yoga class that requires no prior yoga experience. Each pose is specifically chosen to benefit the changing body of a pregnant woman. You will strengthen different parts of your body that will aid in an easier pregnancy and facilitate a smoother delivery. You will be taking care of your body and your baby while being part of a community of women sharing the joys and concerns of pregnancy. There is also the benefit of having a well trained and certified prenatal instructor to guide you in your practice and provide you with more information on pregnancy and birth.














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