Starting a new exercise program can be exciting and empowering, but also a bit intimidating. The following questions may be helpful in choosing your classes and feeling prepared when you get to Mound Street. We’ll be happy to answer any other questions you have as well. Just send us an email using the CONTACT page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Mound Street?
Mound Street Yoga Center’s faculty has an unparalleled commitment to teaching a diverse body of students based on continued study and practice as well as a depth of experience and training you won't find elsewhere. MSYC has been at the forefront of mind/body practices, and offers Yoga, Pilates and Meditation to help you reach your goals. Whether you desire greater calm, strength, or flexibility, we have classes for you.

Are Yoga, Pilates and Meditation right for me?
Yes! All our mind/body practices have a long history of transforming lives. Pilates places extra emphasis on moving with ease from a strong center, Yoga often emphasizes the development of mobility, and Meditation helps to face the ups and downs of life with more joy and contentment. At Mound Street Yoga Center, we've spent the past 28 years facilitating the transformation of thousands of people, and many of them considered themselves too old, too fat, too stiff. The human mind and body are astoundingly adaptable, and our staff is trained and experienced to help students start where they are and progress intelligently to where they want to be.

What do I bring?
The studio has plenty of mats, blocks, straps, bolsters and other props, though many students like to bring their own personal mat. The studio also offers mats for sale.

What do I wear?
It's best to wear clothes that invite freedom of movement. Most students wear a comfortable shirt, and either shorts or tights. Please be considerate of perfumes, cologne or strong scents, so that everyone can feel comfortable in class. Baggy clothes are not ideal, as instructors are trained to observe your body's alignment in order to make sure you're doing the techniques in a safe and effective way. However, Mound Street welcomes everybody - all sizes, shapes, colors, sexual identity and ages. Some people feel best when they're wearing the latest workout wear, while others feel most comfortable when they're wearing what's broken in and familiar. Whatever you wear, you will feel welcome at MSYC.

What will I gain?
Yoga, Pilates and Meditation are time-tested techniques. Many participants report sleeping better, more confidence and the perception of having more time and energy for their favorite activities. Even though it sounds implausible, mind/body practices can cultivate a state of mind of having more time in your day.

What class should I take?
It's most important to find the instructor you prefer, which is why we offer studio passes that allow you to try different classes and techniques. New clients may purchase an Introductory 3-class pass for $35. Single, 5-class, and 10-class passes can be purchased here.

Have another question? 
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