Private instruction creates the opportunity to more quickly and effectively develop a Hatha Yoga or Pilates program appropriate for your individual wants and needs. Individual classes are especially useful for those with pre-existing physical imbalances or those desiring a program to achieve specific results. Private instruction is also a favorite for busy people who find a weekly class doesn't work into their schedules.

Alicia manages Mound Street Yoga and is an Instructor in Alignment Yoga's Teacher Training program. She blends classic Yoga with current times—passionately believing in the power of Yoga to help us live simple lives in this crazy world. Her goal is to share simple-to-use tools that cultivate peace of mind and empower individuals to be strong, pain free, and calm during their busy lives.

Alicia Wright

$80 per hour

For private Pilates sessions, please visit our sister studio, Pilates on Harrison.