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Tim BaileyTim Bailey has had a dedicated practice of yoga for 11 years and has been teaching for over three years. He has been inspired by the teachings of B.K.S Iyengar and continues to study the Iyengar method. He has studied in Madison with Roger Eischens, Tom Casey and Faith Russell. Yoga has taught him how to move in the poses and how to practice the poses in a sequence. A dedicated personal practice yields a grace of being that carries beyond any particular class. Tim gives specific attention to alignment to help each student find for themselves how to practice the poses. There are many poses but only one body. Once we have learned a movement in one of the poses, we can use and observe the effects of this movement in every other pose. The journey is exciting and does not seem to end. Tim conveys this excitement in his classes.
Classes: Tuesday noon Level 1 and Wednesday evening Level 1 (beginners welcome).
Cost: $9 per class
Contact: (608) 845-3428, [email protected].

Penny BallantynePenny Ballantyne is a Kripalu Certified yoga teacher who has been teaching in Madison since 2001. She has been practicing yoga since 1995 and continues to be a dedicated student of Nicky Plaut. Penny’s personal yoga practice led her to mindfulness meditation and Buddhist contemplative thought, which she has integrated into her own practice which she says, "feels like it is as much on the mat as off of it. I realize how yoga impacts virtually every aspect of my life inviting awareness and offering refuge in this struggle to be fully engaged in my life." Click here to check out Penny's latest newsletter. You can also view past issues of Penny's newsletter.
Classes: Thursday morning Gentle Yoga
Cost: $10 per class on a drop-in basis.
Contact: (608) 833-5821, [email protected]

Nicky PlautNicky Plaut brings to her yoga classes over 26 years of experience in strength and flexibility instruction. Nicky has a broad background in dance, movement and aerobic fitness. She is certified in Kripalu Yoga and bodywork. Her flowing style is disciplined, energetic and motivating. She encourages her students to realize their potential while acquiring the right balance of strength and flexibility.

Nicky exudes an uplifting, vibrant energy that fills the entire yoga space and permeates her classes. She guarantees that when you walk out of her yoga classes you will feel taller, more agile and very aware of the fact that you did yoga with Nicky! Nicky also teaches yoga and fitness classes at various locations throughout Madison.
Classes: Nicky teaches Level 1 Monday,Wednesday, Thursday and Friday noons, as well as Monday & Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons.
Cost: $10 per class on a drop-in basis or 9 passes for $90.
Contact: (608) 233-8406.

Mike SlaterMike Slater is a certified High Energy Yoga teacher and has been teaching since 1996. He spent twelve years studying with Roger Eischens, but has also studied with several Iyengar teachers, including Faith Russell in Madison. Mike’s focus is to help others learn alignment, resistance and the actions within asana, so that integrity is developed and maintained in any pose. Mike incorporates tactile response, props and partner work to help refine the understanding of action and resistance in a pose. It is Mike's belief that through attention to alignment, resistance and action, asana becomes a movement meditation.
Classes: Thursday evening Advanced High Energy Yoga.
Cost: The cost per class is $10.
Contact: [email protected]

Christine Kern SteffenChristine Kern Steffen has been taught and certified to teach prenatal and postnatal yoga from Colette Crawford at the Seattle Holistic Center. Ms. Crawford spearheaded the prenatal yoga movement and is the acknowledged leader in the world of prenatal yoga. Christine is the only Seattle Holistic Center certified instructor in Wisconsin. There are about 100 instru ctors worldwide who are trained and certified by Colette Crawford. Christine teaches in Ms. Crawford's style, which means reconnecting with the innate wisdom inside that knows, intuitively, about the very natural process of pregnancy and birth. Christine has been teaching Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga for the last five years in Madison. Christine is a mother of three young boys and draws her teaching skills from the study of yoga and parenting.
Classes: Monday evenings, 7:15 – 8:45
Cost: 8-class package (start anytime, use anytime) $96
Contact: (608) 219-0602. Email: [email protected]


Michele Wensman has studied and practiced High Energy Yoga since 1999 under the late Roger Eischens, and now studies with his student, Kari Tomashik. Michele is also a licensed physical therapist with over 10 years of experience in musculoskeletal rehabilitation. She has rehabilitated longstanding foot and knee pain of her own using High Energy Yoga principles, and she enjoys bringing the benefits of this method to others who come to yoga to heal and improve strength and well being. Her class teaches the alignment principles of High Energy Yoga and how to work with partners and use props to create the proper actions and resistance within the poses. Her class is accessible for all levels.

Classes: High Energy Yoga: Transformational Work
Cost: Classes: $10, drop-in or 10 passes for $80.
Contact: (608) 354-6803, [email protected]
Private yoga therapy sessions also available.

Steve YoungSteve Young has practiced yoga for over 20 years. He is a long-term student of Rasika Martha Link, Tom Casey, and Jim Manos, having also studied with Nicky Plaut and Barbara Flesch. He has engaged in numerous retreats and teacher-training weekends with such teachers as George Purves, Mary Dunn, Jamie Turner-Allison, Nateshvar Ken Scott, and Chris Saudek, and has studied modern dance with Ellen Moore. He holds a M.Ed. in mathematics education, and teaches mathematics and yoga at Malcolm Shabazz High School in Madison. He has been teaching yoga since 1999. His practice and teaching are grounded in the quest for “enlightenment through alignment,” the opening of the heart and awareness through focused asana practice. He has studied with  Scott Anderson for the last two years, and is currently enrolled in Scott's Alignment Yoga teacher training, which will satisfy requirements for Yoga Alliance certification at the 200-hour level.

Classes: General Yoga (Tuesday evenings and Saturday mornings)
Cost: $12 per class or $90 for 10 classes.
Contact: (608) 244-5039 or [email protected].



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